Get couples unstuck. These can be small pain points to crisis level situations. We believe by bringing together as many marriage therapists as possible in the English speaking world, we will be the #1 place all couples go.

Join the largest, most diverse group of optimistic, skilled marriage therapists anywhere. We cross every model, professional organization and location. 

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  • Free public facing directory listing
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  • Consultation groups with colleagues
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Our Aim is to Reach MILLIONS of Couples. Literally.

To fulfill our mission, we need therapists everywhere.

As much as we're going to offer couples online (on our public facing site ModernCommitment.com) we are never competing with couples therapy as the #1 best way to fix your marriage. Thus, we need you!

Why Marriage Counseling Specialists? How Are We Different?  Why "Specialist?"

Start with our two blog posts to get more depth on our vision, mission and passion.

Unlimited Possibilities for Couples Therapists to Help Couples Get Unstuck

Uniting Marriage Therapists to Serve More Couples

About Us

With advanced clinical and research skills, Bill Doherty, Ph.D., is combining forces with his advanced digital marketer therapist daughter to bring the marriage therapy field the best of client attraction specifically for couples, as well as being the place practioners go for local networking, self lead consultation groups and creative innovation that supports marriages everywhere. Read more….