Bloggers Program: An Overview

It is time we couples therapists organized our blogging efforts and leveraged the best of what full time bloggers know and do!

The goal of this community and offer is to save your time, energy and creativity by hand delivering some amazing tools to make blogging way easier. We’re also giving you a robust community of fellow marriage therapy bloggers to bounce ideas off and, as we’ll share in a minute, curate and aggregate their blog posts.

What is a blog versus what is website content?

For the purposes of this program, you could leverage this course for any website content, whether it’s a “blog post” or a website article or whatever you want to call it. From a technical standpoint, a blog post and web page are the same thing, just leveraged slightly differently. Google really just wants quality information and does not care if it’s a blog versus on a website. In fact, that myth has been around so long, I’d laugh at people telling me you won’t get traffic without a blog and I was getting about 25,000 monthly visitors across a couple sites, leveraging SEO and NO blog!

The Crucial Pain Points for Most Therapist Bloggers

If you join, we’ll share a lot more details about how few therapists really get blog traffic and how to fix that. But, for the purposes here, let’s talk about the #1 and #2 problems for therapists who blog. These are my opinions as a marketer. Other problems exist as well, but I can’t solve all of them!

Problem #1: Blog topics that offer no real emotion, curiosity, intrigue or reason to read, thus demoralizing therapists or otherwise wasting energy they could be spending elsewhere to help couples and their practice

Problem #2: Having to write every single blog post yourself, fresh, like a religious leader who has to be innovative every week until they’re retired! The human brain is just not wired to be ultra sophisticated every week!

MCS Bloggers is designed to fix these, and other problems, you may or may not know you have.

Blog Topics that Appeal

We’ve put together, by hand, powerful blog post headlines that will all but guarantee people will want to read your post. One technique Elizabeth uses is if she writes something and is bored, it’s a good sign it’s not worth publishing. These headlines are so curiosity creating to couples but are also wildly fun for us as clinicians because it pulls out the very best from us.

What is a headline? It’s the title of a blog post. Without a compelling title, very few people will bother to read.

If you’re realizing headlines are not unlike an email subject line, you are correct. For those of you who email your blog posts to subscribers, these headlines will make great email subject lines.

Every month you’ll get 4 blog headlines, ready to copy and paste. Even better, we have categories and themes so we’ll sprinkle a variety into each month. We have the following themes, each with a number of headlines that you’ll get over the course of time:

· A common objection to couples therapy

· An infidelity theme

· Questions about being inside couples therapy

· Ongoing problems people seek therapy for

· A crisis divorce theme

It gets even better than being handed your exact blog calendar for weekly blogging!

The power of “guest blog posting” is something many blogging therapists are aware of or have participated in. Without getting into too much SEO nerd talk, Google ignores and in some cases penalizes this type of behavior, due to its overuse and abuse.

The fresher way to deal with other people’s content is called curating and aggregating. Rather than trying to explain a 40 hour course on content marketing, suffice to say we’ll give you the essential elements to this inside this MCS Blogger program so you fully grasp the power and marketing sophistication that big time blogger companies do to increase readership and not have to be wholly unique with their content.

The proprietary tool we’ve had a developer build for us is the starting point for us to be able to curate and aggregate each other's powerful words. Yes, every blog headline you write a blog post for will now be submitted, by you, into our Blog Sharing Tool. You’ll now be accessible to any other therapist looking to share your words.

On the flip side, let’s say you’re stuck on a blog headline or just don’t have the time. With our simple guides on how to aggregate blog posts, you’ll be able to go into whichever headline you like, immediately see how many therapists have already written on that topic and repurpose their material.

We’ll even give you the ethical and legal guidelines so it’s a safe tool for us all to use and not run into different expectations on how we credit others in our online world.

Not just blog posts but sharable images and community

Not only will we give you four amazing headlines each month but we’ve hand vetted quotes and phrases, paid a graphic designer to make them professional and highly attractive, and will deliver four of these every month.

These images can be used on social media, blog posts, any way you want.

Finally, our community. We’ll have a thriving Facebook Blogger group where the sky’s the limit on what we can do among shared interest colleagues! It will be a great networking tool and because there is an investment to this program, you will get access to other serious bloggers.