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We see 7 kinds of couples seeking therapy. Only one type are both partners fully motivated and ready to do the hard work. 

That leaves 6 other types that can be anywhere from challenging to exhausting when one or both spouses are not sure how hard they want to work on changing their relationship in couples therapy.  

Therapists often label the couples resistant, not motivated, or too fixated on blaming each other. These cases take up most of our energy in case consultations. 

We are best known for one of these couple types: on the brink couples where one spouse is seriously considering divorce and the other wants to save the marriage. 

The other 5 types deserve more attention and perhaps even an industry standard on how to work with them. Existing therapy models are great but therapists often get stuck in the face of ambivalent investment in change.  

Join us to learn easy-to-implement clinical strategies no matter what therapy approach you use, and get access to new, surprising research that destroys some of our long-held myths. (One is the myth that couples wait 6-7 years before seeking therapy!)  

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