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Marriage Counseling Specialists

Marriage Counseling Specialists aims to be the place for marriage counselors who want to fill their practices and expand their online message to reach many more couples quickly and easily.

It’s free to join and you get a free public listing on our website aimed at couples, ModernCommitment.com. That's right. Directories are too passive for us so we're giving you a FREE listing on a large public facing website to ensure we have the most complete list of marriage therapists - from very part time professors who see clients, to semi-retired therapists, and everyone else who questions the return on directory fees. Taking 8 years of insider knowledge, you'll be pleased to see the changes we're making to a standard "profile" listing and if you join NOW, you have a say in what features you want.

Forget all the confusing advice. Should you Tweet 1 or 10 times a day? How often to blog? What is the goal of Facebook posts? What is the best way to use video? What is the best use of limited time and energy to attract couples? Every industry varies wildly in those answers. We are aiming to BE the marriage therapy industry's solution to experimenting, testing and researching exactly what works to help married couples seek you out, buy your online products and programs, read your blog posts, join your webinars, and otherwise engage with you.

Taking the most innovative marketing principles and practices, ten years of proven experience reaching couples and filling marriage therapists practices, thousands of dollars spent learning, building complex sales funnels for couples to get help (happening now), finding high quality bloggers who want to participate in our message sharing (130 and counting, representing over 9 million FB fans as of this writing)...we are the new way mental health professionals come together to change an industry. The marriage therapy field needs leadership in all things marketing and client attraction and that is what we are focused on. Our answers to finding couples has to come from us, not internet marketers who only know how to market to people wanting to learn internet marketing for internet marketer clients.

You must be optimistic and hopeful about marriages, well trained in couples therapy, a fully licensed (or equivalent for those outside the US) mental health professional and specialist whose top 2-3 areas of therapy expertise is couples. If you are like Elizabeth, working towards licensure, we have some ways to support you so please sign up for the invite list.

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Elizabeth and husband Mike

Elizabeth Doherty Thomas, MS, LAMFT, seen here with her marriage therapist husband Mike Thomas, LMFT, has been in the marriage therapy marketing space since 2005 where she was the exclusive webmaster for a large national marriage therapy directory. She decided to pursue graduate school to directly help married couples. The Doherty Relationship Institute was born in May 2013 when she graduated and sold (along with her father, Bill) that directory. Wanting to chase every instinct about what works and doesn't online, and with a realistic, grounded view, she continues to immersed weekly (yes, there is that much to learn!) herself in all things marketing, sales, psychology, persuasion, e-learning philosophies, sales funnels, and ascending people down a path of transformation. Finalist for the Jeff Walker Product Launch Formula (a highly respected international marketer) , Elizabeth demonstrates an ethical, honest, integrity based marketing approach while cutting through much of the hype. Her dream is that the entire marriage therapy industry is actually competitive with the billion dollars (or more) spent online with self help gurus and coaches around relationships and personal development.

Bill Doherty Marriage Counseling Specialists

Bill Doherty, Ph.D., is a Licensed Psychologist and Marriage and Family Therapist, researcher, trainer, author, presenter, and is a rare expert in the field respected and admired by both sides of the ideological spectrum on marriage. A long-time advocate for marriage (of whatever gender composition) as an important relationship for individuals, families and society, he is now supporting his daughter Elizabeth's passion to add her voice in the field. In working with Elizabeth to create a two- gender, two- generation, research-informed, and nuanced website, Bill is enjoying learning how to actually engage couples in the public sphere with all the knowledge the field has generated. Bill has created exclusive couples therapy "micro-trainings" for Marriage Counseling Specialists based off his popular craft of therapy workshops. Bill's legacy project, DiscernmentCounseling.com, is a flagship training we offer at The Doherty Relationship Institute. Discernment counseling is a both a clinical protocol and a cultural intervention to ensure that couples who are considering divorce, even if they have filed, get an "off ramp" opportunity to gain clarity about what happened to the marriage and confidence in the best direction for the marriage going forward, whether another full-throttle therapy or a peaceful divorce.

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