Unlimited Possibilities for Couples Therapists to Help Stuck Couples

Most couples therapists love their work but want more. Some of us are itching to see more couples in their practice, and others harbor aspirations to be more impactful outside the therapy room – reaching as many couples as possible. Which are you? And are these goals best pursued alone or in an engaged community of couples therapy specialists, working together to support a shared goal of helping couples?

We’re offering the engaged community path.

What if we took the very best research on couples, sifted it through our combined years of clinical wisdom, adding a huge dollop of advanced digital marketing knowledge, and coming came together in a passion-fueled, diverse group of professionals? What might that look like?

We Can Address a Wide Swath of Issues that Hurt Marriages

Most people don’t know that if there is a big relational dimension to their depression, they may be better off seeing you for couples therapy than going to individual therapy. We can inform the public about this research. You may be a couples therapist with a passion for the relational stressors of depression on a marriage. You’ve been itching to share the complex dances couples experience through depressive episodes and you know how to get these couples unstuck.

Or maybe you’re a therapist who is fascinated by interpersonal boundaries inside a marriage and you have proven ways of helping individual spouses find their voices with strength and confidence in ways that are also good for the relationship. You’d love to reach more couples with your skills.

The list goes on and on… infertility, anxiety, medical conditions that negatively impact marriages, trauma (past or present), financial distress, co-parenting struggles, in-law stress.

Okay, that’s for steering couples to good therapy. What if every stuck couple had options in addition to therapy?

The Enormous Options for Couples

One partner is a reader, so goes through a terrific online course that alters their entire view of their marriage and their role in the problems. Another is an auditory learner and listens while commuting to an audio book that goes into depth on where they are stuck.

Someone else is struggling with their spouses “issues” but is not ready for therapy. In our world, they’re not left out! If their spouse struggles with PTSD from a military deployment, or has untreated anxiety, we’ll give them information on how to manage both their partner’s issue and their own reactivity.

A fourth person has thought about couples therapy and now finds great information on what really goes on in couples therapy and how they can approach their spouse about it.

Yes, that’s right. We need multifaceted views of every topic. We need to break down what we know, and go way deeper than “top 10 ways to strengthen your marriage.”

And within each of these areas, we have our own diverse views of how change occurs – attachment theory, differentiation, attribution theory, a power/control lens, cognitive behavioral models, psychoanalytical approaches, narrative, eclectic combinations.

Here’s more: we can reach out to the millions of informal confidants who help their friends and family members with relationship challenges. This group, which Bill Doherty has done research on, eagerly consumes information about marriage and how couples can get unstuck from their problems. They also apply it to their own relationships.

In other words, we can help the helpers—the mothers, sisters, sons, uncles, aunts, coworkers, and best friends who see their loved one struggling in a marriage and want to help but are sometimes unsure what to do. Social contagion theory has much to say about the power of these social network connectors, but that’s for another blog post.

Therapists Can Have a New, Sophisticated Library for Clients

There’s a lot of self-help material out there already, but most of it does not reflect the years of wisdom accumulated by practicing couples therapists. Now imagine therapists getting support for creating information we can all recommend to our clients, in every price point and format (some will be audio, video, live events, written material). Many of us recommend books, but imagine being able to tailor your suggestions on in-depth, smaller topics that that are more likely to consume because it’s not in a thick book format?

Let’s briefly address why there isn’t more out there and how we see filling that gap.

Professionals Thinking “too small”

I’m sure many of you reading this can’t conceive of developing a short course that focuses, say, just the interpersonal issues depression brings to a marriage. But we guarantee that millions of people would be interested, as long as we solve the next stumbling block many professionals experience….

Nobody You Know Is Doing This

We can fix this by inspiring as many therapists to step up, honor their passion and voices and help be guides whether that is for their own empire separate from our work, or in collaboration with us. Either way we want couples to have access to every sophisticated approach to getting unstuck in marriages. We want that amazing couples therapist in rural Wyoming, without a budget, time or interest in the marketing to spread his/her knowledge through our network and out across the country.

Lack of outlets for what we create

We’ve been immersed in the philosophy and craft of internet marketing, and we can save you a lot of time and energy figuring out how to get your material into the hands of couples and therapists who work with couples.

No Helpers to Support the Grunt Work

Hidden behind the splashy big vision and promises of success and “passive income” is the reality of loads of worker-bee toil. This reality ultimately keeps most people in the “wantrapreneur” category, not actual entrepreneur who gets something off the ground.

One of the many reasons we’re moving beyond “teaching” mode into action mode is we want couples helped NOW. Not after you go through some 3-12 month online course, get stuck, and have no administrative support to help make things happen.

Our “we’ll do with you” style will offer enormous support, letting you focus just on your strengths, and letting our team of five (and we will grow that team as demand increases) administrative professionals vetted, trained, and dedicated to being stress removers for you and action takers for the “grunt work” often required to do big things. They are all in-person support in one location, with college degrees and a passion for what they do.

But keep in mind that if you want to focus just on growing your couples practice, we have you covered! We’ll help you attract clients. In fact, getting someone’s attention is often the same whether you want them to seek therapy with you or you want to offer some product to them.

Your Invitation

We’re inviting couples therapists at various stages in their careers. For eight years we supported only advanced couples therapists. We’re now extending ourselves to the “up and coming” couples therapists, to ensure the generational growth of our field. There will be some differences in what is offered, but we are thrilled to be able to include junior couples therapists who offer both their own perspective and also referral options for senior therapists when prospective clients can’t afford regular fees.

The way we’re doing invitations for Marriage Counseling Specialists (MCS for short) is to open our doors wide open a few times a year, personally vetting everyone who comes in, and then giving you offers to enhance your work with couples or enhance your attraction to couples.

Between the big “open door” times, we’ll be trying out marketing experiments with our members, collecting real data and then sharing that, so that we really begin to develop a couples therapy marketing specialty based not on broad sweeping philosophies of internet marketing, but from real couples, real data, and what actually works for us. We are passionate about this. Nobody else is focused so tightly and can deliver specific information tailored for marriage therapists seeking couples through online sources.

A quick example of an experiment – we’ll track everyone’s homepages for a month using software used by high end corporations, and in doing so, we’ll have a dramatic view of not only what do hundreds or thousands of couples therapists do for their websites, but the data will reveal what prospective clients actually do on these websites. The exciting part is there is sure to be big surprises. Any good marketing experiment creates intrigue and awakening about something you’d never imagine.

The vision for anything we offer therapists starts and ends with this question:

How does this offer help couples get unstuck?

That’s the core premise. We want to make life easier for couples and part of that is serving the professionals who support them. Another part is our own products we’ll test and deliver to couples, drawing a lot of data ourselves before we invite therapists to join us.

To this end, it’s free to join us. With a zero barrier to entry for therapists, we aim to have huge network to support couples. Then therapists, given the ebb and flow in their busy lives, can participate in paid offers when they are ready to take action.

What Offers Are Coming Up Next?

We have exciting initial offerings that we think are creative, unique and support couples and therapists.

One is clinical training certificates for therapists, with “social proof” web badges you can put on your websites, and an array of images and marketing support, to enhance your client attraction for specific types of couples. We’ll explain more if you apply for the free membership.

Least but certainly the post popular will be our free directory listing for therapists who meet our criteria for full membership. Unlike traditional directories, we’re focused on couples, on all their stuck points on a broad website that doesn’t focus ONLY on therapy, and subtly but firmly affirming therapy as a viable option and then directing them towards professionals. We’re also rethinking the traditional 2-3 paragraph “directory profile” approach, instead ensuring every couple sees the same kind of high quality information from each therapist, whether you are great or not so hot at marketing yourself on a profile. And because we’re data driven, we’ll be analyzing these profiles and modifying the template based on how couples engage with the profiles.

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