What We Believe

Why Marriage Counseling Specialists?

How Are We Different?  Why "Specialist?"

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  • We must be more active in reaching married people but as a field we are not taught how to do business, let alone how to market.
  • This lack of marketing knowledge harms married people who are not finding the most qualified marriage therapists.
  • ​Marriage is good for individuals, couples, families and society. Our hope and belief in marriage greatly aids couples in distress.
  • Marriage therapists are too spread out by location, association, and therapy model to be a combined force for what works and doesn't in attracting couples to us. This has cost us enormous time and energy drain, not to mention a lot of wasted dollars experimenting one by one on what works or doesn't.
  • Together we can do more, share more, and be more effective to married couples than we are today, in our silos.
  • Every industry needs research based tools to market well. Most industries have large marketing agencies except mental health. We want to go even more narrow - how do we know exactly what attracts couples to therapy (or to other related offers?)​
  • Marriage therapists are not a large enough percentage of the billion plus online industry helping people with personal development and relationship struggles through products, blogs, webinars, programs and creative services, etc. The majority of marriage help online is funded by self help gurus, pharmacies, or publishing websites whose primary goal is to get clicks for large companies with big advertising budgets.
  • Much marriage information online is not systemic. This is a huge problem we can solve. (Think about it - the pursuer is inherently the one surfing and do we ever ask that reader to look at their own role?)
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